• Image of The Chloe Pink and Brooklyn Doodle & Dream Coloring Book

Wearing her pink baseball cap and with her BFF, Pete the terrier mutt by her side, 7 year old Chloe Pink is every young girl's friend.

In her third coloring book, Chloe Pink is back to cheer you on again. But this time, she's brought her friend, Brooklyn along to cheer you on, too.

Page after page -- as you color, draw, dream and write, not only will you have fun with Chloe Pink, Brooklyn and their BFF's Pete and Tutu. You'll also get to know the most important person of all - YOU!

The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book is filled with:
* 21 Fill-In-The-Blank pages to build self-confidence
* 34 pages with pictures to color
* 10 inspirational messages from CP, herself
* 6 pages to create your very own cool illustrations
* 10 bonus blank pages to doodle & dream at the end
* A word search puzzle and another fun little quiz